Editorial collections

1. Philology

1.1 Studies in Linguistics Collection

The collection was initiated in 2016 and it has been coordinated by Prof. Dr. Diana Hornoiu. The series includes reference works in the field of theoretical and applied linguistics: linguistic studies, scientific dictionaries of linguistic terms, volumes of thematic studies. The research areas are extremely diverse: phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, pragmatics, applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, corpus linguistics, psycholinguistics, discourse analysis.

1.2 Romanian Studies Collection

The collection was initiated and coordinated by Prof. Dr. Habil. Marina Cap-Bun. The volumes published in this series, with international and interdisciplinary participation, illustrate the objectives of the group of researchers gathered under the auspices of the Center for Research and Professional Development, "Romanian Studies in International Context" (STUR), who have programmatically assumed the mission to support Romanian studies and the international dissemination of the local cultural heritage and of the great personalities of the Romanian culture throughout history.

1.3. Didactica et Philologica Collection

The series was initiated in 2014 and it has been coordinated by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cosmin Căprioară. The assumed mission of this series is to provide an opportunity for publishing valuable works focused on the study of language, on the one hand, and of the didactic component, on the other hand, conducted by undergraduate students, M.A. students, PhD students, as well as by teachers or other categories of audience, who are interested in the two fields.

2. Physics

Hyle Collection

In the Greek ancient philosophy, Hyle represented matter, the substance, the invariant in relation to which any transformation is described. Inspired by this concept, the Hyle Collection includes a series of titles in various fields of modern physics, which cannot be approached without deepening the notion of matter. These books provide readers with a core of basic knowledge in physics, which will allow them to subsequently gain access to other frontier, highly dynamic areas of knowledge.

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