Mission, vision, values


"Ovidius University Press” Publishing House has as its mission the editing, publishing and distribution of high quality publications, with a didactic, scientific and cultural nature for students, teaching staff and researchers of Ovidius University of Constanta and for the regional community. In order to fulfil its mission, the Publishing House::

  1. edits, publishes and distributes didactic and scientific publications, artistic creations, which are made available to the academic community of Ovidius University but also to the general public;

  2. provides assistance, counselling and logistical support to the members of the academic community for the publication of university-level works;

  3. ensures the organizational and informational framework in order to elaborate, implement and develop the editorial policies of the university, administering the executive activities of the Scientific Committee.


"Ovidius University Press” Publishing House aspires to be recognized as a regional leader in southeastern Romania and, in a larger sense, in the entire Black Sea region in the field of publishing high quality scientific and cultural publications.


Faithful to the values of Ovidius University of Constanta (UOC), Ovidius University Press bases its entire activity on principles centred on unity, honour, competence. The great variety of study domains of the University, however, allows a shared approach, which accepts unity in diversity. Honesty is the key to gaining community trust and through transparency and respect for professional ethics, Ovidius University Press participates in the construction of a collective culture of integrity. Excellence is an objective towards which the Publishing House aims, stimulating and rewarding the creativity of high-level specialists and promoting innovation in its editorial approaches and digital editing and publishing technologies.

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